Bayview Elementary School 2019 Sponsorship!

Bayview Elementary School continues to receive funding from Coastland Wood Industries once again for 2019.

Bayview has a vulnerable school population and each year Coastland has donated funds so that we may offer more field trip experiences to our students and help expand their life experiences. Without these funds, our opportunities would have been very limited. With these funds we were able to take our students to places such as the Parliament Buildings in Victoria, Butterfly World and the Wildlife Recovery Centre in Errington, and the Aquarium in Vancouver along with a number of more local trips. It takes a community to raise a child and we are grateful for the support of Coastland Wood Industries.

This year Bayview was fortunate to receive additional support from Coastland Wood Industries on a special project. We had an opportunity to do a hands on, physical and creative project with a group of intermediate boys. The boys worked with a mentor and an elder to make two cedar paddles while having discussions and sharing stories and cultural teachings with the group. The project was very successful. We were working on respect for adults and it was wonderful to see the growth from the boys over the ten weeks. At the end of each group they shared what they liked about the project and several students said they were grateful to learn about their culture and hoped that they could do a project like this when they got to high school The project was made possible through the generous donation by Coastland Wood Industries of enough cedar for the participants to create two paddles – one for themselves and one to present to someone from the community who has made a difference in their lives. At the closing celebration one student was emotional when gifting his paddle to his step mom for always taking care of him. We thank Coastland Wood Industries for their support of this project.