Our Annacis Island drying facility is one of the most modern, efficient, and productive drying facilities in North America.

When Coastland’s customers ask for dried veneer, we process it through our own drying facility – four clean-burning, natural gas fired dryers that are designed to maximize quality, recovery and reduce air emissions.

Our focus on technology advancements and state of the art equipment helps our knowledgeable staff operate and optimize our drying parameters to produce customizable moisture levels by product or by customer. This allows us to personalize products to our customer specifications and produce the highest grade outputs achievable.

Once our material has been dried, it makes its way through our veneer testing systems. Digital veneer testers, in a fraction of a second, provide reliable and precise analysis for grading based on properties such as moisture level and density. Our reliable grades allow our customers to accurately control the structural properties of their products.

We produce the following quality products:
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