We recognize that the success of our business is based on our ability to produce to the highest standard.

Quality starts with the finest raw materials.  Coastland’s products are made from 100% second growth Coastal Douglas-fir.   Douglas-fir is strong and it produces a uniform grade and texture.  It dries quickly but does not have significant dimensional movement when drying.  It has the strength required for construction and beauty and acceptance of finish for aesthetic applications which makes it the perfect wood to produce veneer.  And the wood we use – is all from sustainable sources.

To ensure the process of making our product is at its optimum, we start with the best people. We believe our people are the foundation of our business; they have an eye for quality and precision, understand the equipment, process, and needs of our customers, and they do it safely.

Coastland is a leader in mill technology – we are home to one of the most advanced lathes in the world. Our facilities contain state of the art machinery and are constantly maintained and updated.  We do not waste anything in the process and are focused on continuously improving. 

We take pride in ensuring our product is packaged and delivered on time and as the customer requires. We have the ability, equipment, and facilities to deliver veneer to our customers via truck, rail, container, or barge.  Specialized forklifts, and experienced staff load containers to maximize volume and reduce damage. Our relationships with transportation companies maximize efficient and cost effective transportation modes.

Coastland serves a wide variety of customers and has the capacity and location to deliver across the globe.  We maintain our competitiveness by continually exploring international markets, refining our process to meet customer demands, and maintaining our product and service reputation.

Our customer experience is based on relationships and product satisfaction.  At Coastland we believe in personalized service for our customers.  That is why so many of them have worked with us for many years.