Coastland produces a finished green product in less than ten minutes to an exacting quality standard.

The moment the logs enter our veneer processing facility, we assess how best to optimize the quality and grade of the veneer. Experienced operators analyse every log and trim it for the best quality block for the lathe. Residual material is diverted for other uses.

Blocks are then showered by high temperature water until they reach a core temperature of approximately 90 degrees Celsius (195F). Water for conditioning is heated by thermal oil that is heated by our own internal energy system, powered by residual material.

Conditioning allows us to peel the blocks at high speed without compromising the quality of the veneer.

Conditioned logs then proceed to the lathe where they are peeled with utmost precision. Our lathes produce a high yield, smooth peel with consistent thickness tolerance.

Veneer is then sorted and packaged to our customer’s specifications and loaded onto a  barge for shipment to our Annacis Island barge facility in Delta. From there, veneer is either shipped direct to the customer as a green product or transported to our veneer drying facility for further manufacturing.

We produce the following quality veneer products:
  • 1/8″ (0.125) 3.175 mm
  • 1/7″ (0.143) 3.632 mm
  • 1/10″ (0.100) 2.540 mm
  • Green or Dried
  • Sap Wood, Light Sap Wood, Heartwood
  • Full Sheet, Half Sheet, Random, Fishtail, Parallam (Utility Core)

Contact us for more information about veneer products and sales.

Norm Brigden
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Phone (250) 741-4456
Ryan Demelo
Assistant Sales & Shipping Coordinator
Phone (604) 788-1273