Our Annacis Island drying facility is one of the most modern, efficient, and productive drying facilities in North America.

When Coastland’s customers ask for dried veneer, we process it through our own drying facility – three clean-burning, natural gas fired dryers. Both of the two-zone, longitudinal airflow dryers were recently rebuilt along with the install of the third dryer to maximize quality, recovery and reduce air emissions.

Product is first sorted by moisture content and stored in our secure storage area. A drying plan is developed and put into place by our knowledgeable staff. Data on the product, including thickness, sort, and grade required is entered into our computer before the drying process begins.

After the veneer exits the dryers, it is run through our veneer testing system. Digital veneer testers, in a fraction of a second, provide reliable and precise analysis on properties such as moisture level, strength, and density for grading. Our reliable grades allow our customers to accurately control the structural properties of their products (such as Laminated Veneer Lumber).

We produce the following quality products: