Located in Campbell River for convenient access to North Island and Central coast fibre sources.

  • Weigh scale for truck deliveries of all species
  • Dewatering of any size bundles up to 150 tonnes
  • Dumping and re-loading of log barges and storage of incoming and outgoing log booms
  • Custom sorting of any species or sort profile required
  • Scaling capacity of up to 4,000m3/day
  • 12 pockets and multiple backsort bags, plus barge storage site to hold and combine multiple packages for customers
  • Capacity to hold barges and an additional 30,000m3 in the water
  • Nearby storage grounds to hold or store additional volumes
Our Equipment:
  • 80 tonne Wagner
  • 3- 844 JD log loaders
  • 2- 300 size log loaders with heel and grapples
  • All necessary water based equipment (boom boats, tug boats,  dozer boats)
  • Platform truck scale for weigh-scaling truck loads
  • Trip bunks
  • Bundling machines