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Norm joined Coastland Wood Industries in 2012 to develop a marketing strategy for the 6 million plus cores a year that Coastland produces. Today, these are being used in many different Agricultural & Landscaping applications throughout North America. In 2017, Norm was promoted to the position of Vice President Sales and Marketing and over sees all product sales from roundwood to veneer. In 2022, Norm shifted his focus back to roundwood sales as he gets ready to head into retirement. Norm’s new role is Roundwood Sales Manager.

Norm has worked in the Forest Industry for over 40 years with experience in Fire Protection, Logging Operations, Road Construction and Timber Trading. For the last 16 years he has been heavily involved in manufacturing, sales and marketing, taking small timber and turning it into a variety of agriculture products such as posts, rails, tree stakes, vineyard stakes and orchard props.