Located at the same location as our veneer mill in Nanaimo, this sorting facility has easy access to and from most locations on Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland.

  • Weighbunk scaling of unscaled logs out of the water
  • Platform weigh scaling of logs arriving by truck
  • Traditional stick scaling and sorting
  • Large scale custom chipping operation
  • Up to 250,000m3 of water storage
  • Custom sorting of any species or sort profile required
  • Scaling capacity of 600-1000m3/day
Our Equipment:
  • 3- 980 log loaders
  • 345 log loader with power clam grapple
  • 330 log loader with power clam grapple
  • Side-winder boom boats
  • Platform truck scale
  • Weigh-bunk
  • Trip bunks
  • Bundling machines