Payroll and Vacation Request Forms

We have recently streamlined the Payroll Request process for our staff and employees. As of today, all Employee Request Forms such as Vacation Pay, Boot Allowance, RRSP’s etc. will be available online in the Employee Portal. You will see them in the right hand side of the landing page under the caption PAYROLL AND VACATION REQUESTS.

At this time we are not making this a mandatory way of submitting, however all employees are encouraged to use this new process. Any previous requests will be handled as per normal. We have done our best to ensure a simple step by step process, but if you encounter any issues, do not hesitate to bring them up with your supervisor. As with any new process, we expect there to be a few minor issues.

The process should be simple and you will receive an email within a short time to confirm that the request has been received by the supervisor and payroll. If you do not receive one, repeat the process, or contact your supervisor.